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The SaaS MVP Startup Kit Reference

The saasmvp Project provides entreprenuers with The SaaS MVP Startup Kit, available under the open source MIT license. There are two main components beneath The SaaS MVP Startup Kit umbrella, the framework and the modules.

The saasmvp Framework

The saasmvp-framework is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Minimally Viable Product (MVP) development and production deployment framework.

The saasmvp Modules

The saasmvp Modules is a library of plug-in modules for The saasmvp Framework. The saasmvp Modules provides the functionality needed to meet the most common SaaS MVP technical requirements. Modules may be used within The saasmvp Framework ecosystem or in a stand-alone fashion with any Nuxt 3 application.


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Released under the MIT License