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Introducing The SaaS MVP Startup Kit

Startups are not simply smaller versions of large companies. Companies excute business models where customers, their problems, and necessary product features are all "knowns". In sharp contrast, startups operate in "search" mode, seeking a repeatable and profitable business model. The search for a business model requires dramatically different rules, roadmaps, skill sets, and tools in order to minimize risk and optimize chances for success.

Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, The Startup Owner's Manual

After two successful exits as an Entrepreneur, I created The saasmvp Project after decades of struggle to answer the question "Will someone pay us for this?" I needed a tool to quickly create MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) for a wide variety of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business models so I could focus startup resources on Customer Discovery and Customer Validation by "Getting Out of the Building".

Rick Gregg, Career Entreprenuer, The saasmvp Project

Minimize your Risk and Increase your Chances for Success

The saasmvp Project is an open source initiative dedicated to helping the startup community develop and deploy a SaaS MVP with a minimum amount of effort. The time between development and customer feedback is greatly reduced enabling the entreprenuer to find a repeatable business model faster. A repeatble business model leads to predictable and sustainable revenue. The saasmvp Project provides the following key benefits to an entrepreneur:

  • Conserve precious resources by spending your time on Customer Discovery and Customer Validation rather than development.
  • Find answers to the customer and product feature assumptions made in your Business Model Canvas.
  • Combine Customer Discovery and Customer Validation with agile development allowing you to spin up a SaaS MVP fast without sacrificing quality.

What's in The SaaS MVP Startup Kit?

The saasmvp Project provides entreprenuers with The SaaS MVP Startup Kit, available under the open source MIT license. There are two main components beneath The SaaS MVP Startup Kit umbrella, the framework and the modules.

The saasmvp Framework

The saasmvp-framework is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Minimally Viable Product (MVP) development and production deployment framework.

The saasmvp Modules

The saasmvp Modules is a library of plug-in modules for The saasmvp Framework. The saasmvp Modules provides the functionality needed to meet the most common SaaS MVP technical requirements. Modules may be used within The saasmvp Framework ecosystem or in a stand-alone fashion with any Nuxt 3 application.


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Released under the MIT License